Keeping Fuel at Home

Fuel is a vital resource and having the privilege to fuel your car from the comfort of your home can be very convenient. For you to achieve this, a storage facility is necessary. bunded fuel tanks have come up with a very reliable and safe storage facility for storing fuel in your home.

Extra information about bunded fuel tanks

Why keep fuel at home?

If one has many cars storing fuel at home can be convenient as you will not have to drive each car to the fuel station everytime you need fuel. Quality is also easy to control as you will be sure of the type of fuel your vehicle is using. If one resides in a very remote area, it can help one save on fuel by cutting down on the long trips one would usually have to make just to get to a fuel station.

What is a bunded tank

A bunded tank is a fuel tank that has a protective layer around it. This design aims to add an extra layer of protection for the fuel tank and also cater for any spillage that may occur. The outer layer is capable of storing fuel safely in case an overflow arises from the main tank.

Factors to consider when buying a bunded tank

The capacity you wish to have is critical as it dictates the size of the tank you will buy. If a large volume is required, a large tank is necessary. Specifications of the tank are also a factor to consider. If you wish to store different kinds of fuels, consider buying a tank with split compartments.

When it comes to material, one has to choose between buying a tank made of plastic or steel. If one decides to get a steel tank, maintenance is necessary so that the tank can last long. Whether plastic or steel, the material is sturdy enough and can withstand the elements.


One should seek the services of a trained professional to do the installation for you. Installation of the tank should be in an area that is secure to minimize the loss of fuel through vandalism. After installation, it is always essential to check for leaks as they are the primary cause of accidents such as fire occurring.

With proper installation, a bunded tank is a very convenient storage facility. It is suitable for use in almost all climatic conditions and comes in various sizes. Consider buying one today and have a safe place to store fuel at home